JIT programs:

As an industry leader for “Just In Time” service, our quality product and prompt service makes us a single source supplier for many of our customers. It is always our goal to have the right material, at the right time, at the right place, and in the right amount. Depending on your needs, we can produce your orders ahead of time, and release the quantities as you need them for a cost effective “Just In Time” delivery.

Forklift in warehouse.

Vendor Managed Inventory:

We offer customer specific inventory control programs and comprehensive usage and analysis reports. This provides close communication and advance visibility of gaps between you and your supplies.

Vendor Inventory in our Warehouse Reduce “stock outs” and administration time spent on activities such as order entry, order tracking and returns.

Vendor Managed Inventory in our Warehouse

Over 40 years in design and engineering:

Products are smaller and more fragile than ever before. Non-engineered packaging systems can often over-protect or under-protect, resulting in excess material costs and/or damage claims.

With a team of qualified engineers, state of the art computer modeling, performance data at our finger tips and a large inventory of materials from which to choose, PSI will design and engineer your packaging systems using the minimal amount of material, resulting in the most cost-efficient design.


Packaging Specialists maintains an “in house” staff of talented engineers who are experts in using Solid works 3D and Artios CAD Systems to design and manufacture complex packaging solutions. Our engineering services include the use of computer modeling to calculate optimal packaging solutions based on cushion curves.

Using the CAD Systems, engineers at Packaging Specialists can develop more accurate and reliable product designs in less time, saving our clients time and money. The CAD drawings can then be sent directly to the Sample Table for production or the die maker for tooling.

Engineering and CAD

CAD Design Sample Table:

In support of our continued commitment to custom engineered and designed products, Packaging Specialists houses and maintains the Data Technology Foam/Corrugated sample maker.

With advanced motion control computers, high computation speeds and programming flexibility the Foam/Corrugated sample maker ensures quick delivery of samples and small lot production runs of highly sophisticated designs with precision and repeatability.

CAD Design Sample Table

Our Convoluter

Proven Performance:

A leading semi-conductor manufacturer asked us to develop a new packaging system for the transport of silicon wafers. PSI designed a pack that reduced the cost by 35%, the space required for storage by over 70% and reduced the size of the outgoing package by 25% while providing unparalleled protection. The new IBM Box PSI package was also 100% recyclable.

Die-Cut Foam Box

PSI is a qualified “Dangerous Goods” Packer and we offer On Site Crating

Learn how to reduce labor, freight and inventory costs through design: