Packaging Specialists Inc will soon become ProtecPac

Packaging Specialists Inc (PSI), acquired by SPG in November of 2021, has always aspired to be among the leaders in the industry in highly engineered packaging products and solutions.

We hang our hats on our products being innovative in nature and customizable, and those attributes have benefitted us greatly over our existence. We value our vendors for their reliability, competency, innovation, and competitiveness. It is through these values that we as a team, have been so successful in our industry.  

Therefore, we are now proud to announce a rebrand that will consolidate PSI with Specialized Packaging Solutions (SPS) and indusPac into a new brand we’ve named ProtecPac. This rebrand will include a new brand name and logo, website, signage, uniforms, and other branded materials.  You’ll notice the change in Summer 2022.  

The collective strength of our family of brands is bolstered by the ability to leverage shared assets and supply chain resiliency. While the look and feel of our branding might change, we’re committed to an even higher level of customer service and sustainability that serve as foundational elements of our business. All these efforts—the investments in people, processes, and plants—is for the betterment of you, our customer.

We hope you share in our excitement over this evolution. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions.